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As an incredibly historical day all over the world, no matter a person’s race, religion, or political status, today, January 20th, 2009 has emerged to be one major topic for years, in many discussions. A handsome man by the name of Barrack Obama becomes the very first African American to hold the office as President of the U.S.A. Times are changing; some would say for the better, others would say for the worse. Over the past few years people have grown to see despair in America and elsewhere in the world. Perhaps a little naively, the country is simply grasping for any change right now, hoping that this charismatic, new, young, president will be the “knight in shining armor,” able to achieve the impossible and create a miracle. Possibly by…show more content…
I had asked if the television could be left on, since it was such a special event. Everyone, including the doctors and nurses seemed to be pleased, paying special attention to what they could, while at the same time moving around the delivery suite, swiftly. My newborn daughter had just entered the world totally unaware of the extra importance of those last few minutes. A wonderful healthy cry, as Chief Justice Burger administered the Oath of Office. The medical team was so intent on taking care of this tiny baby and giving her every little thing she needed. Suddenly, just like on the television today, a ‘special report,’ had cut in and my room instantly seemed like a theater. A broadcaster hastily announced to our disbelief, “All fifty-two U.S. citizens, held in the Terrain Embassy, are now in the custody of their own government, unharmed!” Everyone around let out a loud cheer and similar sounds echoed from down the hallways. Not a single person could have imagined what it must have been like to have been locked up in a building from November 4th, 1979 to January 20th,…show more content…
Giving her up was terribly hard, even for a moment; the motherly instinct was truly surprising. At least a few highlights of that amazing day of news coverage, and the reactions around the world would be on to watch, while I was on my own. It was amazing to see Nancy Reagan so beautiful in red, elegant and serene and the new president smiling with such radiance, after taking office. After wishing my daughter, “Happy Birthday,” we sat down to witness this twenty-first century, historical event. Yesterday it was Martin Luther King Day, and only twenty four hours later, to witness the first African American president to the position of Commander in Chief, seems so inconceivable in my life time! So many things happened in such a short space of time on January 20th, 1981 and delightfully, twenty eight years later, I still have this indelible scrapbook in my head of the most vivid memories of that particularly special

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