Personal Narrative: Breaking A Folkway

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Felicia Robinson Breaking a Folkway 13 September 2014 On September 12th, my boyfriend and I decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for late dinner/drinks. We went to the BWW right on Route 110 in Farmingdale. I went at a time where I knew there would be a good amount of people to notice. We were seated and later greeted by our waiter. After he finished taking down our orders, while he walked away I reached in my bag for a baby’s bib. The baby bib read. “I drink until I pass out.” I wanted to wear not just an ordinary bib, but one that would stand out. With that being said, this definitely caught some attention. Our waiter returned back with our drinks and was so concentrated on my bib; he almost spilled them placing them onto the table. My…show more content…
I think I was more concerned about someone I know seeing me. During the whole scenery, it started to become funny because of all the looks on people’s faces. I thought the reactions I was going to get were going to be rude. I say this because when do you see an adult eating chicken wings with a baby fork or drinking beer with a baby bib around their neck. However, at the end of it all I thought of it as being a comical experience. I learned that I can be a little more open minded to certain things that beyond my dislike. Most of the time, I will not do something I do not want to do. On a normal night out to eat, I won’t even ask for the check or for extra sauce. I usually have my boyfriend do all the talking because I am easily embarrassed. People are prone to seeing certain things and expect certain behaviors while they’re in public. Being different is always looked at with a raised eyebrow. In the poem, “Much Madness in Divinest Sense” by Emily Dickinson reveals her thoughts about how people are in society. This related to my folkway because there are so much expectation from people and how society is. People were looking at me as if I were crazy in the restaurant. She does not believe you are in sane if you think out of box and think

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