Personal Narrative: A Warrior's Last Entry

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A Warrior’s Last Entry As time is expiring, I sit here in enemy territory with the fate of a nation in my hands. I am no professor, however I have the capability to re-write history, and to empower the person who reads this with a wealth of knowledge. If the past is forgotten, here is a journal that I am writing in my last minutes. If you do receive this journal it means times of destruction have come, however a rebirth is about to begin. Once you have analyzed this journal and have decoded its secrets, you will become the deliverer of a nation and free our people from bondage. Here entails what you must know: Standing in a trench side by side with men from your unit, holding up your rifles, keeping your heads down, firing your weapons. The screams of fallen soldiers echoing in your mind, your clothes bloodstained, men dying, others already dead, gas shells exploding, pulling out your gas mask in order to…show more content…
Although I am not a founder of our legion, I have risen through the ranks for 23 years and I am now at the head. In order to become a leader whom everyone follows, please take note of how I rose to power amongst ignorant, trigger-happy, ruthless rebels, who had nothing to lose. To gain the popularity of those in distress, you yourself have to rise above it. You must also believe in everything you say to your followers. What I preached was no utopia; I knew it was not possible in our time. Each of my men knew that life on this world would be hell no matter what. However, I focused on the bigger picture. I told them if we keep the communists on our radar then they will let their guard down in some other locations and focus on us. This would enable more prisoners to escape and we would be able to amass a larger army over the years. With this notion, we went into each battle knowing casualties were unavoidable, and as a result we fought like it was our last each

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