Personal Narrative: A Summary Of A Storm?

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The first meeting was during a heavy blizzard. Snow meeting ground, sun meeting cloud. The grass could of had met with his feet. Winter’s breath surrounded the neighborhood in a tornado – a tornado of cold and frost and ice. Initially, I wondered why a person like him, so young and small, went outside during such a time. A day passed, but the white wonderland remained like a sore. It pained me to say the least, so my reasoning was that the contrasting warmth should have been traced to the boy. The last occurrence of such a fire near me was ages ago, a time when I was still blooming in youth. I never realized how a smile could be so moving. “I want to go outside,” he had said. The mother disagreed. Her reply was one every parent would have…show more content…
I resorted to blaming him because he was too humane for his own good. However, at the end, I guess it didn’t matter. The boy was gone. The new neighbors weren’t as warm. I tried extensively to become friendly with them, I really did. Cloud watching was suddenly the most exciting thing to ever exist, and I did the activity with the zeal of an Olympian. The trees next to me shared my sentiments, but they were born to be traitors. Other kids had gathered around them, but I managed (unfortunately) to have only one teenager surround me. I swore that I wouldn’t follow in the other trees’ footsteps; I am no traitor. He wasn’t loud. In fact, his predisposition of silence matched that of the former child’s. He looked around the age of 15, but the expression which crossed his features were those of an elder’s. Day after day passed once again, a pattern I became used to. Every morning, he would come out, but it wasn’t to cross paths with me. He walked forward, grass meeting feet, and rushed to the stairs of a dandelion bus. The leaves turned brown. Whether or not I wanted to do it, I was still waiting. Emotionally, I failed. I am unaware of the amount of time which traveled passed, but my memories became layered in a murky brown. When was the last time I saw him? When was the last time I saw
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