Personal Narrative: A Letter To Paul Langan

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1Y English12 CP 16 November 2012 Summer of Secrets Dear Paul Langan, I also had summer secrets that nobody knew about beside me and God. Crying hysterically and screaming at the top of my lungs, I am running from what is about to hit me and scar me for the rest of my life. Trapped in a corner curled up, I closed my eyes to dream about being expatriated to a safe environment. Not trying to come to reality to what is about to come rushing at me with full force. I can see the blood running down my arms, hands, and legs. It was like a never ending moment. In the back of my mind I thought death was coming upon me. I was abused as a young child and till this day I am still affected by it. I felt like I was being held in a sound proof closed…show more content…
We both believed the people that suppose to love us the most hurt us the most. Every time I turned to read a page, in each little word it was giving me closure to my past. The tears would stroll down my face like a stormy day. I hated that I was reminiscing on the past through each chapter I read. But, it gave me a clear understanding of how I was acting and what was holding me back from letting go of the pain. Darcy and I issue was that we were keeping the scars from our pain bottle up for so long and it was finally showing through on the outside. One moment I was fine the next moment I would burst out in tears just like how Darcy screamed in front of everybody because of her best friend cousin grabbed her arm to pull her away from the fight. When I would look down at my bruise or see anything that triggered how I felt that day when I was curled up in the corner made me more frantic. My world was going…show more content…
She sat and talked to her mom, dad, best friend and also her sister. This chapter gave me the first real comfort sense 7 years ago. It taught me that it is ok to cry, it is part of healing and that is what I did, I cried until tears wouldn’t form any more. It reminded me of the time I finally built the courage and told my dad about what had happened. He gasped and looks at me with such a stunned face. He immediately grabbed me and held me tight. For the first time I felt safe and finally someone was listening to me and my feelings. He let me go after an hour of crying and said with a stern voice, “I promise this will never happen again.” His promise was never broken not even till this

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