Personal Narrative: A Career In The Dental Field

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Assessment The occupation assessment showed that my high interests were in the area of Investigative medical, social child care and Conventional food service. Investigative medical careers focus on improving others health or researching and looking for cures of illnesses. Social child care careers are careers where you work with children in very interactive ways such as teaching. Conventional food service careers are for preparing food, trying new recipes, or working in a restaurant. I love kids and I love cooking but I have always had a high interest in being in the dentistry field. Occupation Search I researched all of the careers in the dental field. First, I researched is dental hygienist. A dental hygienist cleans patients’ teeth and continues to teach them how to take care of their teeth. They work closely with the dentist when…show more content…
There are already scholarship programs that you can apply for to help pay for college while you are still in high school. For Tulsa Achieves, you must graduate high school with a 2.00 GPA and commit to attend TCC the upcoming fall after you graduate. If you qualify for Oklahoma’s Promise, then you will be able to go to any in state school tuition free. I enrolled in the Tulsa Achieves and Oklahoma Scholars. These two financial aid programs allow me to go to TCC for two years and then allow me to continue to an in state school, like OSU, tuition free. The financial aid I researched is FASFA the most common financial aid used for these two schools is FASFA. FASFA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. To get financial aid for TCC or OSU I will need to file for FAFSA starting the next January 1 that I am accepted. Then I will need to file my taxes. Finally, I just need to activate an email for my school. I think that sticking with the scholarship programs and filing for financial aid I will have a lot less debt after

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