Personal Narrative: A Career As A Substance Abuse Counselor

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I chose the medical professional, as I believe this is the closest scenario to my desired career field of becoming a substance abuse counselor. This person appeared professional to me. She was dressed appropriately in her hospital uniform of scrubs, she had a stethoscope on, which is one of the tools she would need for her job. She appeared friendly, with a pleasant look on her face. Her appearance portrayed to me that she takes care of herself hygienically. Her hair was clean and out of the way, and she wasn’t wearing an excess of makeup either. The only aspect I could see that I didn’t feel was professional was that she was facing away from the patient. I understand this was only an image to portray the profession, but that was my opinion of the pose for the picture. The appropriate attire for an individual in my profession is a casual dress attire. Something such as dress pants and a nice shirt, I believe would be appropriate. Or perhaps a longer, modest skirt, weather permitting. Even though some facilities may be more casual, I don’t believe it’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of environment. I asked a few professionals in this field and they told me that the typical attire was a variation of business casual. They also told me that they alter…show more content…
The specialized knowledge in that field is, in my opinion, a must. I also believe that being respectful, not only to the client, but also to co workers is very important and a highly valued attribute. I’ve had experience in this field as a client and from that side of it, I feel that being respectful and understanding are very important. It’s crucial to form that client/counselor understanding and I think it’s more difficult to do if you’re not able to be

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