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Jesse White Eng. 1 A/0336 11/30/12 Personal Narrative Christmas Eve It was Christmas Eve, and I was putting on my fancy Christmas close for the 13th time in my life. I was wearing a brand new white collard shirt with small black buttons down the front neatly tucked into my perfectly creased black pants. I was looking pretty good! But my mom had the great idea to put me in a bright red sweater vest this year. I didn’t mind though. I was going to take it off as soon as I got there. My brother and I shared a room. He was to busy getting ready in his new outfit to tell me how I looked, so I decided to go ask my dad. I walked across the hallway to my parent’s room and pushed open the door. It squeaked as it swung open. I looked around his room and noticed he was in the shower. My dad clearly couldn’t help me so I walked right past my little sisters room down the hall into my kitchen to see my mom frantically running around getting the food ready. She was in charge of bringing her famous corn casserole, a green bean casserole and some home made Italian cannolis. The cannolis are my favorite personally, and judging on how fast they are eaten I think its safe to say they are a family favorite too. I managed to get a quick “you look nice honey,” from my mom and that’s all I needed. I was ready to leave! Every Christmas Eve we go to my Nana Mary’s house to spend time with my mom’s side of the family. We usually head over to her house pretty early so I was anxious to go. I was waiting for my dad to tell us to load up the truck with the presents because that meant we were leaving soon. When he finally said, “load up the truck,” I was quick to jump on it. I loaded most of the presents myself and hoped in the truck. My family followed after and we got on the highway towards Monterey. The drive from Marina to Monterey is one of my favorite drives

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