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Yadé Huntsberry Period 2 8/29/12 Personal Narrative “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”-Marilyn Monroe, If you admire someone else, you will try to be like them in every way and forget what you are worth. This quote applies to me because I use to try to be the person other people wanted me to be. After reading this I understand that you should appreciate yourself the way you are, and not try to change yourself for others. I’m very proud of myself for overcoming that and realizing I should be who I want to be not what others want me to be. Because of my Caring, optimistic, and original qualities, I plan to take on college, my career, and everything else life has to offer me, head on, with goals and dreams. Caring, optimistic, and original are three personality traits that describe who I am. People around me say that I am a very caring person; I passionately care about my friends and family. I like to talk to them about their lives and truly hear their voice; I hear them out when they need someone to talk to and try to help them as much as possible. Personally I think I am an optimistic person. I get questions like how can you be this calm and positive in a situation like this? I always say “why look at the negative side when there is always a positive in a situation like this? I always say, “Why look at the negative side when there is always a positive side to everything?” I always try to see the best in people. Optimism gives people a reason to look at the future with a sense of hope. I am usually someone most of my friends can turn to for advice. Also when things are not working out or going good, optimism will not allow the negative things to get to you. Being original is something I don’t lack. I always think of things others do not and stand out in any kind of crowd. I always do, think, and speak as I feel and I am not influenced

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