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Personal Narrative This might not be a major life-changing decision to everyone. However for me, when I decided to enter my choice secondary school via Direct School Admission(DSA), I never expected it to leave such a huge impact on me. At the tender age of twelve, I was unprepared to take on that much ownership in my future and had struggled when making the decision. While many of my peers had their parents’ support and help, I was left on my own as my parents did not bother themselves with these matters. I doing my own research, during the February of 2009, I would go home everyday and painstaking stalk through parents’ forums and the websites, finding answers for my unanswered questions. Scrolling through the parent’s concerned rantings, I had felt very small and lonely, sitting in front of the computer screen, all by myself and confused. Then, one of the afternoons, I figured all this was getting nowhere and I had enough of it. I called up a few of my seniors who had successfully DSA-ed and chatted with them about what they felt about it. Now armed with their advices and guidance, I decided that I would give DSA a try no matter what and I was going to succeed. The first step I took was to calculate all the money, I needed to DSA, it was a shocking sum of around a hundred and twenty dollars. I worked out a saving plan and stuck to it religiously as I did not receive any extra allowance for this. Despite, its difficulty, I succeeded, I bought my own food to school and resisted the convenience of getting food from the school daily and my friends even teased me for being a “princess” who “refused” to eat canteen food. Also, I had to practice my instrument diligently daily for the auditions. With the stress of PSLE and the need to be disciplined weighing down on me, I had felt very overwhelmed that I considered giving

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