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Personal Model of Helping Akia Forward BSHS/311 December 6, 2012 Gerry MC Farland Personal Model of Helping To make a difference as a Clinician, one must create a personal model of helping. Doing research and understanding the material available is an important part of developing a model of helping that will do some good. My personal model of helping will include parts of two Cognitive Child Development theories, Three Behavioral Child Development theories, Erik Erikson’s Theory of Personality Development, Lawrence Kohlberg’s Theory on Child Development, Alfred Adler’s theory and practices, Strategic therapy, Experiential Family therapy, and a Faith-Based Therapeutic therapy. I will also explain why I chose each theory, advantages and disadvantages of each theory, multicultural ramifications, positives and negatives of my model, and the people my model can help. The two models of helping I will start with are Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Child Development Theory and Lev Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory. Piaget’s theory focuses on children and I plan to work specialize in children and teenagers with behavioral issues as well as children who have been abused and neglected. I do not agree with Piaget’s thoughts about learning and how it does not play a large part of how each child develops throughout his or her life. I agree with Piaget’s theory that when a child can understand the implications of what is going on around him or her, he or she is mentally balanced. This theory explains that a child’s cognitive development is about a child developing or constructing a mental model of the world (McLeod, 2009). I believe each child has an idea of right and wrong when he or she is about two. With this thought in mind I plan to show each client how to figure out his or her own morals and build from there. I agree with Piaget with regard to

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