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Personalized Medicine Biology November 8, 2012 Abstract This paper is about personalized medicine and how modern genetic technology may somehow lead to it. Personalized medicine is a field of healthcare that promises greater precision and effectiveness than our traditional medicine. This is because it is informed by each individual and their own uniqueness in clinical, social, genetic, genomic, and environmental information. The goal of personalized medicine is to optimize medical care and the outcomes for each patient. They find the best treatments, medicines, and how much dosage for each individual person. This paper is also going to discuss the benefits of personalized medicine, the drawbacks and limitations of the approach to human medicine. Technology today has revolutionized the world in so many ways, especially personalized medicine. Each individual is different and healthcare is tailored according to the genetic information and molecular data of each person. Personalized medicine involves a combination of genetic testing to determine diseases and sicknesses, suggestions for lifestyle changes, detection of certain diseases at the molecular stage, and customizing treatments. Personalized medicine promises to allow practitioners to provide medical treatments based on characteristics of each person. It involves identifying genetic, genomic, and clinical information to allow accurate statements to be made about how the person’s body accepts the disease, the course of the disease and how it responds to the treatments. All personalized medicines have to be tested with diagnostic testing and targeted therapies. Personalized medicine is not only for sick people because an individual’s genome influences their likelihood of developing a range of medical conditions, personalized medicine

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