Personal Lens Ethical Statement Essay

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Final Collaboration and Argument Paper and Presentation: Rough Draft Christine Johnson … ENG/215CA EFFECTIVE ACADEMIC WRITING February 24th, 2014 Professor Melissa Michelle Glossup Abstract Final Collaboration And Argument Paper and Prostration What methods of peer review do the best job of evaluating the quality of a paper’s argument? The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) is a peer review exercise to evaluate the quality of research in UK higher education institutions. This assessment informs the selective distribution of funds by the UK higher education funding bodies. The RAE will be replaced by the Research Excellence Framework in 2014. The BMA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Committee’s inquiry on peer review. The main channel of communication of British research excellence is publication, which at present, as elsewhere in the world, depends on peer review. The British medical publication industry itself is highly respected and highly profitable, and we believe that this can be attributable to the British tradition of peer review. Despite this strong system of peer review, there have been recent but rare major failures of the peer review and editorial system. An example of this was studies on the effect of the Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine [1] . Other issues such as distribution of unfiltered research, the need for formalized training for reviewers and the shortage of volunteer reviewers justify some fresh scrutiny of the system. Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer Review 7. Advocates of the peer review process believe that it improves research quality, scrutinizes research to ensure that verification and reproducibility are possible, and facilitates scientific discussion and debate. In addition, peer review can have an

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