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My Personal Learning Style COLL100 American Military University My Personal Learning Style Learning is an unavoidable part of life. There are many different factors that attribute to effective learning. These factors are typically categorized into four different areas; person’s previous experiences, interest in the subject, personal learning style and personal ability. One of the most multifaceted factors for learning is different preferred learning styles. Through the aid of some online web sites and self-refection, I have set out to answer the question, what is my personal learning style? When discussing different types of learning styles most people think of VARK model, without knowing it, where there are generally three categories in which an individual might fall into; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile. Other models us a wider spread of categories of learning styles than just the typical three. Having more categories allow you to further specify which learning environment and teaching modes might be most advantageous to your personal learning. Majority of people will fall into more than one category, but may have a stronger inclination in one category over another. I used three different online websites to assist me in finding out what my preferred learning style was. Website one was presented by The Center for New Discoveries in Learning (2012), using the VARK model, which indicated that I was primarily a kinesthetic/tactile learner. Kinesthetic learners prefer to be a hands-on learner and most likely love to move around frequently, like athletics, and to build things with your hands as stated by The Center for New Discoveries in Learning (2012). Website two was presented by Penn State (2010), using the VARK model which indicated I was primarily a visual learner. Visual learners prefer to use pictures, videos, and notes to recall

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