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Introduction Personal Language for me is a language that expresses closeness, comfort, and helps create better understanding within the context of one's adopted language. What makes personal language 'personal' is that it departs from the traditional grammar and the rules of Standard English. It is basically a blend of a native and adopted language. The characters in the three stories "The House on Mango Street", "The Color Purple" and "Mother Tongue" uses personal language that may sound ungrammatical or improper English, but still expresses their deepest emotions and feelings in depth. Paragraph 1- What makes personal language difficult to understand? - At times, Personal language is difficult to understand by the outsiders because of the difficulties immigrants face in having to think in their native language and express themselves in the adopted language. An example or a quote of an episode with the stockbroker from the text "Mother Tongue" (paragraphs 11, 12 &14). - As a result, the personal language users are not treated well enough. An example from "Mother Tongue"(paragraphs 8 & 9). - Affect on the personal language users- Feeling of inhibitions. A quote from "The House on Mango Street" [77]. Paragraph 2- Personal Language is difficult to understand: yet this type of English does enable the characters to express themselves at a certain depth. - Personal Language users do not lack in expressing their true feelings though they cannot follow the rules of proper English. Insert an example from "The House on Mango Street". In "Gil's Furniture Bought and Sold," Cisneros describes the sound of an old music box: "It's like all of a sudden he let go a million moths all over the dusty furniture and swan-neck shadows in our bones." [20]. - In "The
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