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Although a hero may be represented as a political figure or a superhero – such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman; the narrator from Mark Haddon’s novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Christopher Boone posses many hero like attributes and characteristics even when he is constantly told otherwise from his peers, teachers and society. Christopher battles with Asperger’s syndrome and manages to break out of his shell and overcome many obstacles to reach his goals throughout the novel. He demonstrates that even though you may have hurdles to overcome while trying to find yourself; with determination and passion, you can discover the truth and become a hero. While Christopher battles these obstacles with his disability he manages to find out the mystery of who killed Wellington, pass his A-level math and discover the truth about his mother. Firstly, Christopher starts his mystery novel with a gruesome scene of the death of Wellington, a neighbor’s dog who had been brutally killed with no explanation. Christopher is determined to find out who killed Wellington although he is repeatedly put down and told by his father that “it’s a bloody dog, Christopher, a bloody dog” (20) and that he should leave it alone. After his father repeatedly tells him to give up this “game” he believes Christopher is playing, he does not give up, constantly trying to figure out the truth about who killed Wellington. He faces these roadblocks and doesn’t give up. Christopher shows that he has the hero like attributes when he decides to care about Wellington, and to go against his father’s advice. Moreover, during the novel, Christopher goes into detail about his life at school, and how he has very little friends but supported by one of his authorities, Siobhan. Christopher possesses characteristics that make him invulnerable towards the criticism he receives by his classmates,

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