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Personal Impact Paper NUR/427 Patient with chronic disease is a 44years old female, that on a regular physical yearly check examination to see her Doctor found out that her blood pressure is high. Patient is a divorcee with two children and works as nurse assistance in a hospital, patient is not overweight, exercise, watch what she eats, a nonsmoker, nonalcoholic user. However, patient went through a very rough spousal abusive relationship, that left her with caring, supporting, and feeding the children by self and also in school to attain an education, these took a tool on her. Patient on the other hand have a family history of high blood pressure which her mother died from stroke at age 85 years, father found dead at age 77years old and patient sister also have high blood pressure. Hypertension is persistent elevation of the systolic blood pressure above 140mm Hg and of diastolic blood pressure above 90mmHg in adults for extended periods of time. The diagnosis of hypertension requires that elevated readings be present on at least three occasions during several weeks. High blood pressure means that the heart is working harder than normal, putting both the heart and the blood vessels under strain. High blood pressure may contribute to myocardial infarction, stroke, renal failure, and atherosclerosis. Age and symptoms: The hemodynamic hallmark of hypertension is persistently increased systemic vascular resistance (SVR) factors that are known to be related to the disease is age, alcohol, cigarette smoking, diabetes mellitus, elevated serum lipids, excess dietary sodium, gender, family history, obesity, race, sedentary lifestyle, socioeconomic status, and stress. Prevalence increases with age and is higher in African American than in whites. Hypertension is more prevalent in men than in women until of 55; after age 55 it is more prevalent in women than men.
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