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Personal Impact Essay

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Personal Impact Paper

Sidoney Roache


Professor Shannon Smith

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease which affects the level of sugar in a person’s body.   The glucose or sugar level becomes elevated and the body is not able to maintain it.   Diabetes affects the metabolic system in the body, the pancreas.   If it is not properly treated it can result in other serious conditions affecting other organs of the body.   Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and there are 3 different types.   Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes (during pregnancy).   By implementing a healthy lifestyle, diabetes can be regulated, in turn preventing any problems that may be caused from the disease.  
“Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease.   Particular transitions in self-management require special approaches; two examples are provided here. Because of progression in the underlying pathophysiologic mechanisms, the glycemic control through meal planning, physical activity, and oral medications that is effective in individuals newly diagnosed with type II diabetes generally
cannot be maintained indefinitely.”(Redman, p. 108)   Diabetes affects a person’s life in many ways.   There are social, financial and personal effects caused from the disease.   The issues caused from having diabetes are very difficult on the diabetic patient.  
One example of a social issue is trying to fit in with your peers.   A diabetic patient may be getting ready to have lunch with a friend and having to step aside to obtain their glucose level.   They also have to eat a specific amount of carbohydrates, measure their intake and limit their sugar intake during lunch causing them many times to feel different than others.   One of the requirements of being diabetic is frequently checking the blood sugar on a regular basis making sure that it is lowered if needs be.   A blood sugar that is elevated over a lengthy period of time may cause harm to body organs.  

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