Personal Identity Which You Are You Today?

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Personal Identity Which you are you today? 02/16/2012 Social Problems: SS270-1 Kristina Faimon, LCSW Authored by: CSiegel, SMA We as a human race are created from the accumulation of genetics originating from our ancestors. At a molecular level we are already preprogrammed to look a specific way. Our base genetic code can dictate our hair and eye color, pigmentation, height, weight, and metabolism. When we look further into the complexity of our DNA, we discover that our ancestors play even more of the role of our development than we give credit. Our ancestors can dictate behaviors that are brought forth in our daily lives. Such influences are displayed in criminal behavior, in entrepreneurship, circumstances that regard alcoholism, and even health related concerns like obesity. At a very young age we begin to develop our senses of awareness. Not long after being born we quickly learn that we are known by our name, and that is who we call “mommy”, and that is “daddy”. Once our personal identity is recognized, we soon learn the simple rules and boundaries of our inner desires. We learn that we are prone to liking specific foods, certain sounds and music, or even a desired fashion sense. Unfortunately, in our society, we do not even begin to learn any of who we really are until we begin our journey to maturity. We begin to experience the testing of our tolerances, our inhibitions, and maybe even stumble upon the discovery of social vices. All of this development usually occurs during the time we are in high school or in college. There are many drawbacks in individualism development while in this social environment. We strive for acceptance. We are even willing to deter from our genetic and psychological nature so long as we can feel that we are included with a social group. All of this identity investigating, of who we really are, most
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