Personal Identity in Modern Society

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Identity is something that defines a human as an individual in a society. A person’s identity is very important because it tells a lot about that person and where that person comes from. Without identity a person’s life would be in complete disorder. Queen Latifah talks about the importance of having a personal identity in her assay, “Who You Callin’ a Bitch?,” also, Emily White’s “High School’s Secret Life” presents the view about high school’s affect on student’s sense of identity; Catherine G. Latterell’s “Assumption 3” talks about how the identity is shaped by personal choice and in, “How to Dress Goth, Hip Hop, Emo, and Preppy” describes how fashion shapes people’s identity. Identity is some active engagement that identifies a person with particular group, custom, and choice. Therefore, having personal identities make people unique. Identity can be shaped by groups of people that identify a person with a particular groups, friends, and customs. Certain people have their specific behaviors, vocabularies, and dress styles. People have the tendency to live in a group and act according to their lifestyle. The identities are in constant flux change according to the group and in different situation. Examples of these groups are the students at Calhoun High School which Emily White describes in her essay. At high school, students like to separate themselves in small groups where they have the similarities in the way they act, dress, and behave. According to Emily White, “Their conformity is remarkable: in haircuts, necklaces, the way they slouch, they use their voices” (white 18). White observed that the students in high school like to identify themselves with other students who share the similar interests and behaviors. Therefore, they separate themselves from the rest of the students who do not share the same interests, and form a group only with the
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