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Dellita Garraway Professor Smith English 1301 7 October 2014 Personal Identity In the story “People Like Us” by David Brooks’ theory on America as a “congealing pot” and not a melting pot is true. We tend to group ourselves with people that are just like us. People that have the same race, backgrounds, interests, hobbies, and cultures. It is our comfort zone. He said a community is “people wanting to be around people who is roughly like themselves.” I agree with this statement. This is simply our human nature. It lets someone to perceive something about us without even having a conversation with us. In my essay I will present what has shaped my personal identity like my life experiences, family, culture and my social circles. I would say being born in the Caribbean has really shaped my personal identity. It was what made me stand out of the twenty five students in Mr. Albert’s class. I was different and as soon as I opened my mouth and spoke everyone knew it too. When I moved to Oklahoma earlier that summer I never knew how strong my accent really was. I could relate to Richard Rodriguez when in “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”. I too did badly in school at first and it was very had to make friends. I wouldn’t say it was a language barrier but there was definitely accent barrier. Trying to make someone understand me was like pulling teeth. I would say the difference between me and Rodriguez is he couldn’t find a balance between the two cultures and I did. Yes if you learn one culture the other one will suffer in some kind of way, but to me getting rid of my culture was getting rid of who I am and that was not okay with me. I never realized how much food was a factor til I read Geeta Kothari story “If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?” in the Writer’s Presence. To me food tells us someone’s culture and where they come from. In the book,

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