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Personal Identity Essay

  • Submitted by: tsclemons
  • on March 24, 2012
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Personal Identity Does Not Define Who We Are
Everybody has a sense of personal identity.   Most people can identify several important ways of distinguishing themselves that are unique enough to be considered their personal identify.   Some of these ways can be categorized by their physical attributes, familial roles, spiritual affiliation, occupations, economic class, professional affiliations and much more.   However, it does not define who we are.   Instead, a person’s life is made up of different circumstances and factors that help define we are.     Therefore, everyone’s personal identify is changing daily, minute by minute by building upon life experiences.   David Hume, a Scottish philosopher, historian and essayist, describes this theory as the Bundle Theory.   According to Hume, the identity of a person is nothing more than the totality of their perception. This bundle makes up the "identity" of that person.
      On the other hand, there are those who believe that personal identity is often imposed or encouraged by parental, environmental or cultural forces.   This type of identity is often seen in young people or children.   Arnold Ludwig, a renowned psychiatrist, supports this theory that one may alter their personal identity based on what’s going on in their life. However, that identity is only temporary.
      Everyone in this world has a different identity because they all make their own over the course of their life. There is no one thing that gives a person their identity, there are however many different factors that contribute to personal identity.   It’s not the way they look, they way they dress, where they live or how much money they make.   It’s actually all of these things and more. Personal identify goes deeper than the physical.   It affects ones decision making, dreams and ideas.   For example, one person may think something is terrible while someone else doesn’t have an emotional connection.   Why? The answer is simple.   Everyone feels, acts,...

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