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Northern Alliance - Military- political alliance of various Afghan groups fighting for years with the Taliban for control of the country. Operation Enduring Freedom - (OEF) is the official name used by the U.S. government for the War in Afghanistan, together with a number of smaller military actions, under the umbrella of the global "War on Terror" Al-Qaeda - Al-Qaeda is an international terrorist network led by Usama bin Laden, created between 1988 and 1989. Al-Qaeda has attacked civilian and military targets in various countries. Activities: Tactics include assassination, bombing, hijacking, kidnapping, suicide attacks etc. Viable – Capable of living. Being able to do something and live. Taliban - The Taliban is an Islamist militant and political group that ruled large parts of Afghanistan and its capital, Kabul, as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from September 1996. After the attacks of September 11 2001 the Taliban was overthrown by Operation Enduring Freedom. It mostly fled to neighbouring Pakistan where it regrouped as an insurgency movement to fight the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (established in late 2001) and the NATO-led International (ISAF). Regime - In politics, a regime is the form of government: the set of rules, cultural or social norms, etc. that regulate the operation of government and its interactions with society. Assassination of Ahmed Shah Massasud - On September 9, 2001, al-Qaeda linked assassins killed the Northern Alliance commander Ahmed Shah Massasud. Osama bin Laden's network, and its Taliban allies, wanted Massoud out of the way before the September 11 attacks against the United States. As a result, Afghanistan lost one of its most honest and moderate leaders. The western world also lost a powerful ally against extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The war in

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