Personal Goal Essay

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Personal Goals Goals are small stepping stones, each time we take a step we get closer to achieving a long-term goal. They vary from person to person and may change from time to time. Circumstances, money, knowledge, and resources influence people in what type of goals they can achieve, whether it is personal or professional. My personal goals differ from my professional goals in many ways. I have many personal goals at home that I am trying to maintain. One is to maintain my sanity while going through school and trying to balance everyone and everything in my life. Taking one day at a time will be helpful in achieving balance in my life. Getting some exercise, staying healthy, and my family supporting me will be encouraging. One of my long-term personal goals is to bring up my children as functional happy adults. Teaching them right and wrong in a world so dishonest can be challenging. My husband and I work very hard at trying to accomplish this goal. Personal short-term goal I have is to maintain my organization skills while in school, work, and family. My family is very important to me and I do not want to miss out on important events in their lives. I need to prioritize my goal so I can achieve my needs in school. Setting short-term goals, working ahead, setting a schedule, prioritizing are all things that will help me accomplish my long-term goals. The most important goal is my professional, I would love to finish school and get my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and one day my Master’s degree in Nursing. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and the hard work as I go through the steps in reaching my goals. A knowledgeable orientation from University of Phoenix has helped me maneuver throughout the student web site and interact with students in the same situation. Center of Writing Excellence is a resource needed to write
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