Personal Gain In America

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It begins by saying it is a god given right to have independence and equality. The people felt like their rights were being interfered with by the king. Today a lot of people also being protected and the interference from the king was causing hardships to the colonies. The Declaration states the many sufferings and the interferences that the king has caused. The many laws he ignored held the colonies back from succeeding and expanding. He also removed those who opposed his ways, to keep control over the colonies. In today’s government many are held back because of the government and some believe that those in powerful positions use the power they have for personal gain. It states God created all men equal and all have the right to pursue a life of liberty and happiness feel their rights are being taken away by our government. The Declaration states the reason why they want and…show more content…
I feel this statement was meant for those of wealth, property owners and those who had power over others. It was not for those who were poor or slaves. In today’s government I feel that a lot of decisions are made for personal gain, instead of for the best interest of the common people. It goes on to say that the people have the power to a new government or the power to make changes to the government when they feel their rights are in danger. I feel that the government today interferes and tries to take the rights away from people to gain more control and the common person in American fear they do not have the power to do anything about it. In the Declaration it states that people are more likely to put up with evil then to step up and correct the problem. It says that it is the people’s duty to revolt when the government has interfered or violated our rights. I believe the people of America need to revolt and step up to our responsibility of protecting our rights from being taken and to make sure our future generation’s continue to protect what was fought for many years
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