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1.01- PACE CHART- for this assignment you are going to use the 11 week Summer Pace Chart that I attached to the first email that I sent to you in the course. Be sure to look it over. Then, you and your parent/guardian will type in your names at the bottom. Just save it to your computer, and then submit for 50 points. You may also pick a 4 or an 8 week pace. You may not use the Traditional (16 week pace) in the summer. 1.02- Please read this assignment and take notes for lesson. – Make sure you take the self-check test on the third page. If you did not score 80% or higher you need to reread lesson and retake quiz. 1.03- Health Survey- Please read the lesson. Make sure you take notes. Please fill in all parts of the health Survey. Remember that question number 3 you need to describe your answer so it needs to be complete sentences. Discussion Group- You need to go to our discussion groups tab on left and click on 1.03 and then click on teachers posting and answer the questions and reply there. 1.04- FITNESS TEST- First time you will be doing your fitness test. –Please record your scores on the fitness activity records sheet and save to the computer as you will need for later. The five test you need to do is a Mile run measure in minutes and seconds (mile run is 4 times around the football track). You need to do Curl ups, you are doing as many curl ups you can do (make sure you keep the cadence of 1 curl up per second) please check 1.04 on second page blue hyper link to help. You need to do the sit and reach. Please use the blue hyper link in 1.04 on second page for how to measure sit and reach and do (PLEASE MEASURE IN CENTIMETERS). You get to pick either pull ups or push-ups to do. You are going to do as many as you can do in a cadence of 1 per second until you cannot do anymore. You can check the blue hyper link in 1.04 on second page to

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