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asian raise their children University of Phoenix Material Personal Exploration Worksheet Part 1: Select 4 groups that you are the least familiar with from the following list: • African Americans • Native Americans • Latino(a) • Asian Americans • Jewish Americans • Arab/Muslim Americans • Single mothers • Displaced homemakers • People over 60 • Unemployed people over 50 • Immigrants Part 2 Write a 50- to 100-word response to each question: Group 1: Single mothers 1) Describe your assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions about members of this group. When it comes to being a single mother, many people have assumptions about them. They believe that raising children on their own they come from a broken home. They also assume that their children won't do well in school or will eventually drop out of school. My beliefs on single mothers are that they are strong and hard working individuals. They work hard you support their children and are a good role model for them. 2) When you think about working professionally with members of this group, are there traits, characteristics, or other issues about the group that you would be curious about, concerned about, or intimidated by? Why would understanding diversity issues be relevant to you as a human services worker? When I think about working with this group, I would be curious about their traits. From what cultures they are for instance Latinos are family oriented they are very close to what they call familia they stick together. Understanding diversity issue is important to know because I will be working with different groups of people from different culture and to understand them I will need to know more information on their ethics. 3) How could advanced knowledge of the group address concerns and assumptions? Knowing advance knowledge about single mothers that

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