Personal Experiences with the Roman Catholic Church Annulment Process Essay

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Personal Experiences With The Roman Catholic Church Annulment Process The annulment process is designed to be a way to peace. I have completed the Annulment proceedings and have been granted an annulment from my previous marriage. My husband, Mike and I, received the Holy sacraments of Marriage on March 4th 2005, 19 months after I started RCIA & the annulment process. But in the beginning of the annulment process, there was no guarantee that when I finished this process that an annulment of my previous marriage would be granted. The following are my observations of the annulment process as it applies to my experiences. In the fall of 2003, I started the RCIA class. At the same time, I talked to Father Nick Kastenholz about my current marriage to my Catholic husband, Mike, and our wanting to become members of the St. Francis of Assisi Parish. My Catholic husband had been unable to accept Holy Communion because of our civil marriage outside of the Catholic Church and my previous marriage. We had accepted this practice of non-communion because he believed, as is taught by the Catholic religion, that we were not in full communion with God and could not receive the gift of Holy Communion. I had done quite a bit of research into annulments, the process and the success rate of an annulment being granted before going to visit Father Nick. I was still very skeptical about the whole process and quite sure that it was a waste of my time, when the only guarantee was that the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of St. Louis would hear my case. The question that kept nagging me was, “If I truly repented to Jesus all my sins and was heartily sorry for committing my sins and if Jesus accepted my sins and has forgiven me from my sins, meaning the divorce, why do I have to go through the annulment process for the Catholic Church to accept me? If Jesus accepts

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