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Everyone has that moment they experience that deeply impacts them in their life. Memorable experiences that shapes who they are and what they become. What I experienced September of 2008 has made me become the strong, and more appreciative young man with the desire to become all I can be. It was about 5pm and I was walking out towards the parking lot. I was the last one out of the gym, and I see my mother standing out near her car, waiting for me. She was only wearing a very large T-shirt and sandals. From the look of her face I new something bad had happened. Trying to hold her tears back she had told me that early this morning right after she had dropped my brother and I off from school there had been an electrical fire inside our house starting from her room to the kitchen. At the time, my mother had told me she was in the shower when the fire had started. She had heard the crackling noise of the wires sparking and when she peaked out, she saw the flames beginning to spread around the house. As she ran out grabbing her towel, she managed to get out in time before the fire engulfed her whole room, as the fire continued on towards the kitchen. She managed to close the rooms to my brothers and my door so there wouldn’t be so much smoke in our rooms. She had made it out of the house safely, but along her life she also came out with smoke filled lungs. She then broke down in front of me after telling me what had happened. My mother has worked so hard as a single parent to provide my brother and I a wonderful home, and all her hard work and success seemed like it was taken from her. My mother is a very strong woman, and when I seen her broken, it was very hard for me to help her re-coop. I took the next day off of school and that afternoon I went to the house with my mother. We looked around and everything covered in ash. Everything we had were either burned or

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