Personal Ethics And Cultural Values

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Personal Ethics and Cultural Values 1 Identifying Personal Ethics and Cultural Values University of Phoenix Personal Ethics and Cultural Values 2 “Each and every day we are faced with several choices that, in subtle yet discernable ways, can either enrich or impoverish our personal character. The choices we make, the manner in which we make them, illuminate the paths our lives will take. The intrinsic value of the lives we lead reflects the strength of a single trait: our personal character.” (Gough, 1977). Personal ethics and cultural values are integral to the foundation of our society. These values translate into the basis of our daily living. My personal ethics and cultural values influence my thinking and decision-making processes. The basis of my values include family, honesty and integrity, dependability, non-violence, and religion. Family values are very meaningful. These values are formed as a child and carry through to adulthood. Many children grow up admiring actors, celebrities, and sport athletes. Fortunately that was not my experience. At the center of my world was my father. He was “my hero” and one of my best friends. My father was a very humble and religious person. Through the years he guided me through the difference between right and wrong. My father always said, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” He lived by example. I was always amazed by the way other people responded to him in public. His example taught me the importance of respect. Family gatherings were very special. Family unity was stressed as the bond that held us together given any situation. My father was an optimist. He always had a positive outlook on life. Through the years in both my personal and work environment, I’ve learned the importance

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