Personal Ethical Statement Essay

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Name Name professor GEN/200 Date Personal Ethical Statement In everyday life, people use the personal ethics statement values and ethics that show the strength of their character. When people make the immediate and wise decisions, those choices should determine by their own ethics. Those people who believe in the laws and rules system usually think everyone must follow rule and be treat fairly. After reviewing Ethical Lens Inventory, people are starting to understand more about oneself such as what and how use ethics to deal with everything in life. The result of test showed the preferred ethical lens is the Rights and Responsibility Lens for this character. This is accurately described about the above personality. The result also showed the blind spot is believed that motive justifies method should be use in every situation. Sometimes, these people unintentionally cause others upset and pain because they are too focusing on their good motive. These people always believe the ethics is a set of universal rules that everyone must follow, which include themselves. After learning about the above information, people who classify in right and responsibility lens found their strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths is the gift of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge show they concern about figuring out their duties such as what they are doing and why. When these people decide to do something or care for someone, they will follow it through. People in this group believe that is their responsibility to fulfill what they already plan to do. On another hand, one of the weaknesses is believed in the laws and rules system to solve problem and deal with others. Because of that, these people run to the risk of being autocratic. Without self-knowledge, this personality character requires others to do thing their way in order to get good result. When these people have

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