Personal Ethical Statement Essay

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Personal ethics statemen Nasimiyu Masibili June 15, 2011 Personal ethics statement Ethics concentrates on issues of right and wrong. It is a set of moral principles, or values, norms, and standards of conduct that govern an individual or a group (Trevino &Nelson, 2007). Ethics assist in decision-making, and guidance into actions that meet one’s internal moral standards. According to Benefiel (2009), ethics is how we behave in the face of difficult situations that test our moral fiber. The development of my personal ethics is continuous processes, which occurs as I mature and face different situations in my life. The contributory factors to the process include my family influence, religious beliefs, and cultural norms, educational and work experience. As a nurse, my professional code of ethics has played a great role in shaping my personal ethics. Personal Ethics Statement I believe in the existence of a powerful supreme God, who controls the whole universe and the occurrences in it. I am subject to this God, and hence in my interactions with others I will maintain peace and harmony. Life is sacred, and I will do all in power to preserve it, while maintaining the comfort of my patients. All men are equal, have rights, and will be treated with respect, regardless of their color, race, and religious beliefs or social standing. I will maintain honesty, integrity, kindness and goodness as I deal with other individuals. Hard work pays, hence I will do my best in every opportunity accorded to me. References Trevino, L., & Nelson, . (2007). Managing Business Ethics (4th ed.). Hoboken, N.J: Wiley. Be The Dream. (2009). Mold possibilities into reality. Retrieved from

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