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Loud noises. That’s what I expected when I first walked into that automotive shop. The sound of air tools being used to fix cars; the sound was great. I knew where and what I wanted to be the moment I stepped in. I’ve always enjoyed cars, but now that I’ve taken classes I decided when I’m out of High School I want to be a part of the automotive industry fixing cars and painting them too. My first class was junior year and from that point on I made it my goal to learn as much as I can to take the knowledge I gained and put it to great use by helping people who have car troubles. During that year I learned key things such as replacing brakes and the brake systems as well as using an alignment machine to find the alignment problems and the steps you take to fix the problem. I also learned about engine diagnostics and the tools you use to diagnose the problems associated with the specific car I’m working on and using an online website to look up how to fix those problems. During the end of my junior year I competed in a couple automotive contest affiliated with SkillsUSA and Cuyamaca. When I went to the SkillsUSA competition I was in a group with 3 other students and we did a Automotive Technology where we completed a 35 question ASE test and completed 5 different task sheets. At Cuyamaca I was with a partner and there were 10 stations, 9 of which being task sheets from identifying brake parts to naming different types of bolts, the last station was a test which was on ASE questions. Transitioning from my junior to senior year, my teacher talked to me about taking the other classes he teaches such as Auto body and repair and Auto Mechanics, also going the extra mile during my senior year and doing more competitions such as Skills, Ford Troubleshooting, and other various competitions. I accepted knowing I would have to work hard at it and it would challenge me, but

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