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Title of Paper: Personal Essay with GEMS Class Name: COLL100 Foundations of Online Learning University Name: AMU Instructor Name: Augustine Amenyah Personal Essay with GEMS In this essay I will be talking about my Grand Type as given by The Work Preference Indicator by Gilbert Education & Management System, my different learning styles and how my learning styles facilitate my personal goals. In addition I will present examples to my different learning styles and the reason why I am seeking a college degree. The online survey of The Work Preference Indicator by Gilbert Education & Management System also known as GEMS which was created to provide employers and employees a better understanding about job satisfaction and their performance was quite revealing to me. After studying my personal GEMS Report, indicating my Grand Type as a People Oriented Achiever and a Team Facilitator, I am not very surprised as I work in a multi cultural environment, team work is a main asset and overall I feel very comfortable in my position. In the organization I work, there are various job opportunities all over the world. For my personal forth come in the organization I realized that a college degree will be necessary to accomplish my work goals. I choose to study Emergency and Disaster management because I want to join a United Nations Agency on a later state of my professional career. As I am a Visual and Tactile/Kinesthetic learner, stated in the test “What’s your Learning Style”, provided in the course book “Learn More Now” I have recognized that I learn and understand faster when I draw sketches to support my understanding of the subject matter. For example, to be well prepared for staff meetings, I usually print out different kinds of excel spreadsheets related to the topics discussed, so that I have a visual support. I have also realized that it

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