Personal Essay: The Importance Of Concussions In Football

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Mitchell Belford Collie Personal Argument 7 February 2014 Personal Essay According to CNN, A federal judge declines to approve a proposed $760 million settlement of claims arising from concussions suffered by NFL players, saying she didn't think it was enough money. Considering how much money the NFL generates in revenue each year (roughly $25 billion), $760 million is not near enough money that needs to be invested in the safety and long term overall brain health of NFL players. I have been playing football for a very long time and it is a sport that is very important to me in my life. Knowing how much concussions can affect someone’s life, there should be a new universal change to the game so that not as many players are getting so severely…show more content…
If that will happen, I will also see the game go through dramatic changes to keep the game interesting and innovative. The first step towards making the game more innovative and interesting for all will to enforce no head to head contact whatsoever. It seems like a over reaction to the concussion problem in football, but really in order for the game to more on and progress through time, it must happen. America will not accept football as a game of leadership, drive, and commitment if its players are leaving the game for mental illness or even…show more content…
Rather than looking at this new change to the game as a negative change, people must accept it for the reason to ensure the players’ safety while playing football. It is more important to me and probably all other football players that I have fun and gain leadership qualities than it is to lay down a big hit to another player. A big hit and a tackle is just temporary, a death or mental illness problems is something that lasts forever and cannot be

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