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Every time during dinner, my mom and dad would always be chatting at the same time as they eat. One of those “popular” dinner topics is about the size of homes. I remember dad always complaining irritably the apartment we live in is too small, it would be a lot better if it is a bit bigger. His temper seems to get worse as he gets on with his usual speech. He said: “We used to have a large house built by my grandfather, unfortunately we were very poor at the time and grandma sold it. Later on, most of the money made from the house was lost in a stock market crash. Of course, the house cannot be claimed back to ownership again.” He paused, sighed, and continued on “If the house is still in my ownership, the land alone will make at least 500,000 Yuan.”(It’s pretty much equivalent to $1,000,000 here due to lower wages in China and goods at a higher price). He always finishes with a tone that seems to suggest everything was my grandma’s fault. I have always agreed with my father on almost everything, but maybe it was due to the reason I am close to my grandmother or perhaps it was my consciousness, I never have found myself have the same opinion with him on this conclusion. Let’s not talk about whether there is a house or not, even if there is, it was grandma’s decision to make to sell the house. It has nothing to do with my dad whatsoever. Losing most of the money in the stock market is certainly unfortunate and regretful. However, it’s still not my dad’s business. If you have the skills it takes, why don’t you just build another one like what grandpa did? Although my dad graduated university with straight A’s, he has worked in the same company for over a decade without getting a promotion. Up until now, my dad never had a great achievement in his life but he thinks about what grandparents should have left for him all the time. He blamed everything on
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