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I was born on April 9 th of 1991 in Oxnard California and have spent most of my life living here. Growing up here, I see how much Oxnard has grown and expanded over the years. It is nestled right between Camarillo and Ventura, which brings together culture and different diversities. Oxnard may not be the most high class city but is more in the middle. The good I see in Oxnard is that we are right by the beach, so that gives us beautiful comfortable weather almost everyday. We are also well known for our strawberries and all the fields we have here. Although there could be room for improvement In Oxnard, such as making it a little bit more cleaner and trying to eliminate the graffiti and the gangs. Nevertheless Oxnard is my home and I come to love it just the way it is.…show more content…
My parents were very young when they started their family; they were only 19 when they had my oldest brother Michael. So that gave them no chance to go to college and to do the things they wanted right after high school. Soon followed my other older siblings, Stephanie, Brian and of course me. All of my siblings have all graduated high school, and have been trying to complete college. Although my older brother has showed me sometimes you can make it with out going straight to college right after high school. He currently is working at Edison and makes a very good living, but still pushes me to go to college and make a career for myself. My other older sister has gone back to school to get in the career of nursing, and my other older brother Brian is still currently in college. That’s why I feel that family is a very important aspect into helping you push yourself or even pushing each other in

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