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Oil dependence as a source of energy has been an issue that has years of discussion. Since the oil came to be the primary source of energy, many countries have forgotten that this type of source is a non renewable source, meaning that some day and somehow the oil wells are going to dry up. This is a big problem, in which there is no solution because no country has adapted new kinds of renewable sources in their communities. Also the oil is one a really big stimulant for the global warning. When the oil is processed some products that come to the market that are useful for the people, but the constantly use of this products affects the atmosphere and stimulates the global warning. One of these products is the one that has more demand in all countries and is basically what moves the world; this product is well known as gasoline. The gasoline is a polluting agent that aggrandizes and stimulates the global warning because when cars and airplanes use gasoline, the smoke that they produce is really dangerous for our environment. Americans are justifiably worried about energy security, especially our vulnerability to a disruption in oil supplies or a surge in world oil prices. Since 1998 there are more than 15 of 16 nations around the world that think that the oil should be replaced as the primary source of energy. The oil is a non renewable source and so is running out. And this makes the oil prices higher and higher. Only a minimum of 22 percent of the countries believe that new oil would be found. Taking into account this minimum of countries that are against the innovation of new resources is really obvious that the developed of new forms of energies is fundamental. Americans consume 25 percent of the world's produced oil, but our nation holds less than 3 percent of the world's proven oil reserves. There is a faster, cleaner and cheaper alternative, a

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