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Personal essay I have about three years from now a different view of life in compare of what it was before. Some sad and terrible incident happened to my best friend that tough me that even we know a friend really close, even we had shared with them all life and all moments, when someone says that he or she knows a friend well enough, is not true. When we said we know someone we just know what we see and what they tell us not what is really happen in their family, which means that we really don’t know their real problems. Carlos, my friend and almost considered as a brother through all his life, was a great student, a great friend, a great soccer player and a great adviser with people and their problems. Always when I had a problem with some friend or with some girl I liked and I dint know how to manage the problem, he was always there, and with just five or three words he cleared my mind. With him I learned to think that everything can be solve, every problem you have by words and by learning of experiences it can be solve, he tough me that. Something incredible about him was how he evaluated a person character only by seeing him or her ones, just watching his or her expression he would guess what they were thinking or not, sometimes he miss trying to guess but, mostly he was certain. Usually when I was hanging out with some friends that he didn’t know when I introduce them to Carlos, just the they after or that same night he called me to tell me if there are good people or bad people. Honestly he save me from going out with some guys that at the beginning I thought they were nice and fun, but after he told me that they were bad persons, I realize that it was true, they start smoking and taking drugs, so I decide to separated from them. His family with me was amazing they treat me like if I was Carlos’s brother. Always when I got to his house I could got in

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