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Breaking The Culture Chain During my life I had two special occurrences that have happened in my life, which have a special meaning to me. The two events, which made a significantly positive impact on my life, are my daughter’s college graduation and my decision to go back to college. The emotional energy that went through me watching my daughter walk across the graduation stage was that of sports athlete winning a championship they always have dreamed about. Reflecting back when my daughter had said her first word, or took her first step in walking was a great accomplishment not only for my daughter, but myself as a parent. As a parent you work with your child and try to take all the right steps. I reflect back on my childhood, and look at positive and negative experiences from my life. I would then apply these life experiences to what my daughter would learn, and or experience. I wanted to ensure my daughter grew up differently than I did. My parents were blue-collar workers, and did their best to provide for my brothers and sisters. School was important for them, but my parents really never took the time to push us for higher education pasted high school. It was more about working and providing, which they experienced from their parents and so on. I asked my parents why this culture was so significant to follow in their own life? My parents response was that several years ago everyone worked including teenagers, and the perception was only rich people went to college. This perception was instilled in their parents mind as well. It was normal not to finish school if a good job came along. I personally experienced this upon graduation from high school, when my parents sat me down and said its time to find you a job. My wife and I both agreed this was not going to be our approach, because my wife had somewhat experienced the same situation with her family.

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