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ENG4U-Personal Essay QUESTION: Complete the following questions. 1. Review "Cause and Effect" (Reference Points, page 66). In a 200 word response, explain the cause and effect relationship found in David Suzuki's essay. In “Reconnecting with the Earth,” the main cause David Suzuki tries to present is that people take energy from the Earth and dump wastes to the Earth without considering the results of their actions. The main effect that Suzuki tells is the disconnection between human beings and the nature. Suzuki explains this main cause-and-effect relationship by providing the audiences with five branch cause-and-effect relationships. The first one is that in the reason of people throw garbage without classifying it, plenty of recyclable materials become garbage. Additionally, it causes the waste of natural resources. The second one is that the amount use of non-reusable materials, such as plastic, causes the waste of earth resources and serious pollution. The next relationship is that people's inconsideration on food resources, including animals and plants, causes their lack of appreciation for food and the nature. Another relationship is that people's unawareness of pouring and dumping wastes and sewers causes serious marine pollution. The last relationship Suzuki tells is that unawareness of energy's limitation of human beings causes some global environmental problems, such as the Energy Crisis, Global Warming, and etc. 2. In a 200 word response, discuss the type of essay model David Suzuki used to present his point of view and explain whether or not you think David Suzuki chose a proper model to get his ideas across to the world. Describe another essay model you think David Suzuki could have used to get his point across to the public. Explain why you chose this type of essay. David Suzuki's essay, “Reconnecting with the Earth,” is in a personal

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