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Personal Dilemma Evan C. Acree CJA/324 February 21, 2015 Yolonda Johnson Personal Dilemma A minimum of forty-nine push-ups within a two minute time frame, fifty-nine sit-ups within a two minute time frame, a five mile run within a forty minute time frame, and six pull-ups (Smith, 2015). These are the United States Army’s Ranger physical fitness test standards for any male who wants to attend the Army Ranger School no matter the age or background of the person. These physical fitness standards are very challenging for most men, but will they soon change? The former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, has given all the United States Armed Forces until January 1, 2016 to fully and successfully integrate women into combat arms military occupational specialties (USA Today, 2013). This poses many ethical problems and dilemmas, and many of these will be highlighted throughout this excerpt. The nature of the dilemma posed by women being able to serve in combat roles will be explained, why the ethical decision was made to enable women to be able to serve in combat roles will be highlighted, the alternative courses of actions that could have been taken will be discussed, and lastly the outcome of the situation will be analyzed as it pertains to women serving in combat military occupational specialties. Ethics is the study of right and wrong, good and evil. Who makes the decisions of what is right and wrong is a question many people struggle to understand every day. One person may view something is right and another person may view the same situation as wrong. The way ethics applies to women serving in combat roles is majority of men in combat military occupational specialties believe women cannot do the job sufficiently or efficiently. Women have been fighting since the Mexican War in 1846 to serve in combat arms military occupational specialties (Women In Military

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