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Personnel Moral Dilemma Teresa Maynard CJA/324 June 24 2012 University of Phoenix J.T.Mendoza Personnel Moral Dilemma This personal dilemma started about two years goes when my grandson TeiJay started showing signs of some very extreme behavior after my son committed suicide on September 30, 2010. This just happened to be TeiJay seventh birthday. I have taken care of TeiJay since birth and he has lived with me ever since. His mother which is my daughter has never really taken on the responsibility to care for him and has been in and out of his life never having the mother baby bond with her child. He has been more of a son to me than a grandson. After his behavior changed for the worst I decided to take TeiJay to seek help for his behavior so I took him to see a counselor at the local counseling center it is here where my dilemma starts. Over the next two years I continue to take TeiJay to see his counselor and at the end of every session the counselor and I would discuss a course of action for TeiJay to change this behavior which meant getting TeiJay parent involved with the session. At first things were going pretty good and then as time went on mom decided to not show up for her session with her son. However, dad and I become a part of the session on a regular basis for several month. I would go to session without TeiJay to discuss what was in the best interest for him and the counselor told me he thought that TeiJay should go to live with his dad. I was not willing to do this at this point, but with some real sole searching and persuading I finally gave in and decide the counselor was right. It was now time for me to play the role of grandma instead of mom. So with careful planning Tim (dad) and I made a plan of action to make this transition with TeiJay. The plan would be that TeiJay stay with his dad over the summer and see if his behavior got any

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