Personal Dilemma Essay

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In this essay the writer will discuss a moral dilemma they have faced in their professional lives. The writer will discuss the nature of the moral dilemma, alternative courses of action that they have contemplated, the decision they made, the reasons for their decision, and the outcome of the situation. The writer has worked for a large multi-billion dollar retail company for the last seven years. The three basic beliefs for each individual to strive for within this company is service to the customers, strive for excellence, and respect for the individual. Last November 2010, the writer had to sit with a fellow employee and write down each word the employee spoke. The writer and the employee have worked together for almost six years when the fellow employee was asked to discuss internal theft in the workplace. The writers’ moral dilemma was that she has worked with the fellow employee for almost six years and she has known about the financial hardships the other person was having. The work relationship had turned into a friendship and the writer trusted her coworker. The alternative course of action the writer has contemplated is to give the fellow employee the opportunity to pay back what they have taken but also not to lose her job. Another alternative course was to help the employee find another job since she was about to lose her job. The employee had to pay $300 back to the company, fines through the court, and the loss of her job. The employee was embarrassed of her actions because she was witnessed by others taken out in handcuffs by the police. The decisions the writer has made is that they will continue to be available for fellow employees’ to speak to whenever needed as well as continue to help keep internal theft down. Internal theft is a big deal in the writer’s workplace because it does not mean just money; internal theft also means time theft.

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