Personal Dilemma Essay

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For the past four years, I have been a stay-at-home mom/day care provider. We had just moved into a new neighborhood prior to starting the day care. About a year and a half after we were settled into our home something terrible happened to our family. My six year old step-daughter had been raped by a neighbor. My step-daughter was so traumatized by the event that she stopped speaking, but in other ways she was still able to let me know who it was that done it. Every time he would be outside she would tense up like something I had never seen before and sometimes wet herself also. There were many nights that followed that she would wake up screaming and throwing her arms and legs around. Sadly there was not enough evidence to convict the neighbor for the crime. My fiancé and I spoke of what options there were and what steps we should take to ensure that the rest of our family was safe from anything like this ever happening again. Finally, we come to a conclusion and make the decision to continue on to another community in the same town. This was step that was desperately needed to piece our family back together. We hoped that this move would help my step-daughter with a fresh start of living in fear. We tried for a while to help her get through this tragedy in any way that we could, but no matter what we tried she had been scarred and so had we. A few months later my fiancé was treating me to a night out for my birthday. As soon as we were seated at our table, we seemed to spot our former neighbor sitting at a separate table. He was eating alone and looked depressed. We hurry along and finish our dinner and leave. We feared that he would follow us and intimidate our daughter more than before. The next day while watching the local new broadcast, we find that the former neighbor’s wife had been murdered in their home. I can remember the joy we had when the reporter

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