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A Personal Dilemma Dominique CJA/ 324 February 15, 2012 A Personal Dilemma Introduction In the paper, a definition will be given for moral dilemma. The writer will discuss a moral dilemma that she has faced in her professional life. The nature of the dilemma and the alternative courses of action that she contemplated will also be discussed. Furthermore, the decision and the reason for that decision will be addressed as well. In the end, she will give the outcome for the situation that occurred at her workplace. Definition Moral Dilemma A moral dilemma occurs when one has to choose to do one of two equally unpleasant acts (Braswell & McCarthy, 2012). For instance, a woman who is an emergency worker has been called to the scene of an accident. Arriving at the scene she sees a car brutally crushed, however; she recognizes the car to be her husband’s car. She feared the worse and rushes over to find him trapped behind the steering wheel. In the passenger seat next to him, she sees a woman who is trapped as well and bleeding heavily from the neck. She looks at her husband as he says sorry, she quickly understands that he is having an affair with the woman. She has to make a quick decision if she does not stop the woman her wound from bleeding she will die. Her husband is in bad shape and may still die even if he gets medical attention. Her dilemma is that she is upset with her husband and with the woman for having an affair with her husband. Even though she is hurt by her husband’s cheating act he is still her husband. The emergency worker is torn between these issues and does not know what to do- this is her moral dilemma. Nature of Dilemma She works at a home improvement store as an assistant store manager. She has worked 10- hour days for 6 days out of the week. One hour out of the 10 hours is her one hour lunch so the

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