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Individual Personal Dilemma Recently, I decided to go back to work after two years of staying home with our preemie son. I have over fifteen years of tax and accounting experience and have even owned a firm in past years. When I apply for a job, I do not hide my past felony. I was hired for a receptionist/bookkeeper/tax preparer position and disclosed my record to the owner. Because of the position, I still must undergo a background check. Another employee was responsible for conducting my background check and took it upon himself to share my record with others within the office. The owner reprimanded the employee and had discussions with the other employees about my innocence and his feelings. I was still treated differently by those employees that knew and it made me feel uncomfortable. In the end, I decided to quit the job because of the uneasiness I felt. Although I do have a felony on my record, I have been proven innocent and have all the documentation to substantiate the innocence. When I apply for a job, I always disclose the information regarding my conviction, prison term, and subsequent law suit to prove my innocence. Most positions I have held require a background check because of the type of work I do. When you are in charge of people’s money, they tend to be a little cautious. This job opportunity was no different. During my interview with the owner of the firm, I disclosed the information regarding my felony and provided him with the documents of my innocence from the court. I was then told this would not have any bearing on my employment, but it was still company policy to perform a background check. I told him I understood. I was allowed to start the job the very next day. Several days later, the office manager brought a document to me to sign. It was a consent form for a background check. Knowing I had already discussed

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