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Individual Personal Dilemma Individual Personal Dilemma When it comes to personal dilemmas in my professional life, I do not have a lot of those to write about. However the moral dilemma I chose to write about is when I was working for a quick lube company called Valvoline Oil Change. I worked there for approximately two to three years; I liked this job because it was hands on and I was able to talk to new people everyday. But the moral dilemma that took place was me witnessing a co-worker a steal during our entire shift. They would ask the customer what type of service did they want, and if it was an oil change then they would try and persuade the customer to get the most expensive one. The prices ranged from $24.99 for regular oil, $34.99 for Dura-blend oil, and $44.99 for the best oil available called Max Life. So if the customer wanted the Max Life oil then he would keep the extra twenty dollars for him self. He continued to do this until our manager came in, then he straightened up and gave customers what they asked for. The moral dilemma that I am stuck with is do I report them to the manager? I know my answer should be yes, but I do not want to see my co-worker fired. Since I did not want to get the guy in trouble, I thought about going to the customer and telling them what is being done to them. But then I thought the customer might want to sue the company and that may leave everyone that work in the shop without a job. Next I figured I could go talk to the co-worker to the let them know that I know what he was doing and if he did not stop I was going to report him to the manager. Then my last thought was to let this go on and let him get his self caught up or let someone else catch him. I eventually decided to go and talk to the co-worker about the things he has been doing. I decided to take this route because I thought this

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