Personal Development Plan

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| Lindsey M. Williams - (PDP) Personal Development Plan | BEng (Hons.) Instrumentation & Control Engineering | | Identified Development Areas | Development Plan | | SSE Person Specification | In what area do I need to improve | How does this link to other objectives | What do I need to learn or experience in order to achieve this? | What will I do to achieve this? | What are the likely support and resources that I will need? | What evidence will need to be collected?How will I evaluate a successful outcome? | Deadlines for meeting this target | 1 | Project Management & Planning | Spend more time planning projects and allocating tasks, to create more order and ensure project completion to a high standard. | An Engineer is relied upon to be competent in project planning. Being able to plan projects effectively and complete them in set time scales will be important in my career.I am to be assessed on my project planning. | I need to be able to use Gantt charts for task allocation and time frames when planning projects. | Research method of project planning and practising them when the opportunity arises. | Internet resources along with books can be used. Attending lectures that are focused around project planning. | Planning assignment markGroup project feedback. | Weeks 7, 19 and upon receipt of feedback from planning assignment and group project | 2 | Teamwork & Interpersonal Skills Professional Communication | Avoiding conflict and have more patience with other group members. Being stricter with less competent group members to ensure they put in an equal amount of effort. | Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team is critical to completing a group project to a high standard. Employers look for good communication skills, along

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