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Personal Development Plan Personal Development Planning or PDP means creating opportunities to think through, in a structured way, questions such as: * What do I really want to achieve from life? * What kind of person do I want to be? * Am I clear about my personal goals and ambitions? * Am I making the right decisions to get me where I really want to be? * Am I in charge of my life and my studies - or am I just hoping it all will work out somehow? It has been recognised that students need structured opportunities to think about, and plan towards, their future. The exact content really depends on you. 1. A process of personal development Development planning can be a very personal process - or it can be a process required by your employer or tutor. As the word "development" suggests, PDP is something that happens over time. It isn’t a last minute thing. PDP works best when you: * Think deeply and in structured ways about your life and ambitions. What does success mean to you personally? * Have the right information to make good choices. * Have people you can trust to share your reflections. * Have opportunities to experiment and test yourself in new areas so that you have a better understanding of your abilities and limits. * Have opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to achieve your ambitions. 2. Personal records of learning and achievement These are your own personal records rather than those provided by the university. For more advice, see personal records. 3. A formal transcript provided by the institution A formal transcript will be provided by the university, usually in addition to a degree certificate, it records more information about your learning and achievement than the traditional degree certificate. Three big reasons I like having a personal development plan include: * Clarity.

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